Little Nightmares 2 teased in new trailer

Bandai Namco just released the first trailer for Little Nightmares 2, which is coming to PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.

If you’re unfamiliar, Little Nightmares was released back in 2017 as a puzzle-platformer horror adventure game. Tarsier Studios developed the game, which fairly proved popular with fans and critics alike.

Critics praised the original game’s graphics, atmosphere, and sound. It’s on sale right now for $4.99 at Humble Store. Try that out if you haven’t played it yet.

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As for the sequel, this is all Bandai Namco is giving us so far: “Reconnect with Six and traverse the world together as all-new character Mono.”

Watch the announcement trailer for Little Nightmares 2 below:

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