Logitech Click! Optical Mouse Review

I picked up this mouse in desperation a few months ago, needing a USB compatible mouse for my laptop before I left for a trip. I got it at Wal-Mart for about $20, and I’ve had mixed feelings about it. First off, it’s sturdy. I’ve dropped it many a time (on carpet, mind you) and it hasn’t shown any signs of wear, and looks like new. The body feels pretty nice in your hand, but isn’t as dramatic as other, more expensive mice. It features a sleek metallic blue and silver paintjob, so I wouldn’t be afraid to have it out when people are around.

My biggest gripe with the mouse is not what you might expect. I don’t care that it’s not wireless, or that it doesn’t have smooth scrolling, I mind that the one auxiliary button it has is in the center, smack dab in the least ergonomical place possible. It’s right in front of the scroll wheel, so you have to bend one of your fingers back to press it, which not only takes time, but is hard on the fingers.

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Another problem I had with this mouse is the optical eye itself. Like I said, I have been using this mouse for a couple of months now, so I have had experience with it. I’ll be sitting here playing a nice game of Counter-Strike when *WHAM!*, my crosshairs on the screen instantly shoot to the top of the screen and start spinning around in a circle until I pick up the mouse and put it back down. That’s okay in one occurrence, but it has happened probably a dozen times. I know this isn’t a gaming mouse, but even in Windows, it’s a hassle to have to retrieve the cursor from the top-right corner a lot.

Other than that one flaw though, I haven’t had any functionality problems with this mouse at all. Logitech is good for making solid hardware. All in all, if you only have $20 to spend on a mouse, or don’t care about a useless button in the middle, the Click! Optical Mouse might be for you. It’s essentially the basic optical mouse of today, plus a badly placed center button.

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