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Logitech V450 Laser Cordless Mouse for Notebooks Review

Logitech\’s V450 mouse has all of the latest mouse technology, in one small package. First of all, it\’s a laser mouse, which provides extreme precision as well as prolonged battery life. When I first read that it was a laser mouse I was very skeptical because I know for a fact that my G7 will NOT work on many types of surfaces, like my pant leg or the arm of a couch. That\’s not a big problem for the G7, since it\’s made for desktops, but the V450 is designed for mobile users, which probably don\’t always have a mousepad. I was happy to find out that \””Laser technology delivers smoother cursor control on virtually any surface. You’ll be more productive wherever you use your laptop.\”” It works flawlessly wherever I have tried it, INCLUDING my pant leg. My only question for Logitech is why they haven\’t implemented such technology in their desktop mice.

The V450 features Logitech\’s 2.4GHz wireless technology which allows the user to be farther away from the receiver than traditional 27MHz mice, without sacrificing battery life (which is said to be up to a YEAR with this mouse). Also, the 2.4GHz frequency allows more data to be sent from the mouse to the PC, resulting in better reaction time on-screen. Even the receiver itself is only about half as big as the G7\’s similar 2.4GHz receiver, and actually fits into the body of the mouse, turning it off, so you can drop the V450 in your pocket for storage and not have to worry about losing the receiver or using up the batteries. Also, the battery cover release button is located behind where the receiver sits when it is inside the mouse, so you can\’t accidentally pop the batteries out when it\’s in your pocket. All of these features show that the V450 is a VERY well designed mouse. Everything is carefully considered. The only downside to portability is the fact that it\’s a little deeper than Logitech\’s V400 series notebook mice, which are a bit slimmer.

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Functionality-wise, the V-450 is just what you\’d expect. It\’s got left and right click buttons and a scroll wheel in the center. The standard mouse buttons click rather loudly, but on the upside of that, they are not mushy or sluggish at all, very clean click. The scroll wheel is quieter than other mice I\’d dealt with, but is still not silent by any means. Logitech calls it a \””Tilt Wheel Plus Zoom\””, which really just means it has basic side-scrolling functionality and a wheel \””button\””. Ergonomically speaking, this mouse is for lefties or righties, being exactly equal in tilt and depth on both sides. This also makes it easier to store, as one side isn\’t larger or heavier than the other. It\’s a little bigger than most notebook mice, and a little bit smaller than most desktop mice. This makes it just uncomfortable enough to make most people refrain from using it as their main desktop mouse, and just small enough for people to want to use it as a notebook mouse. It has nice reflective chrome paint on the body of the mouse, and slightly rubberized plastic on the sides, for better gripping without it feeling sticky.

Overall, the V450 is the greatest leap in mice for years, combining the cutting edge of mouse technology with amazing battery life and clever design. As far as notebook mice go, I can\’t see any way one could be better; and as far as mice overall go, I would have liked to see at least one thumb button, and maybe some right handed ergonomics. If you\’re a notebook user looking for a quality mouse, look no farther. The V450 is for you.