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Lornsword Winter Chronicle is now available on consoles

Lornsword Winter Chronicle

Be the general on the battlefield, control your army, and create your empire from the bottom up in Tower Five’s latest game.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle, a new story-driven action strategy game from developer Tower Five in conjunction with Microids, was released today. Along with the release, there is a trailer showing some of the game’s situations, mechanics, and combat.

Lead your army and conquer

Lornsword Winter Chronicle, developed by an indie team of gaming experts with over 20 years of experience, is a story-driven action strategy game in which you control a hero who will directly fight and lead his army into battle, explore new areas, and capture new towns and kingdoms to expand your empire.

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Lornsword Winter Chronicle

However, not everything will be on the battlefield; you will need to manage currency, food, combat fronts, army kinds, building improvements, and other resources. You’ll also need to coordinate your global strategy over several fronts, reallocate resources, and rely on your troops’ intelligence to carry out your commands.

Co-op mode

Furthermore, your pals may assist you in combat, since Lornsword Winter Chronicle‘s co-op option allows a buddy to join your battalion in the middle of a fight without having to pause or return to the main menu. Because both players will share screen space, resources, and summoning with your ally, this is a fairly intuitive and well-thought-out co-op option. If your ally has to leave, you can do so promptly, allowing you to continue fighting in solitary mode.

Lornsword Winter Chronicle is available now on Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC via Steam. Due to the console release of the game, the Steam version will receive a free update which will set the same version for all platforms.

Watch the console launch trailer of the game down below!