Lovingly Evil is a satirical take on dating sims

Lovingly Evil

Green Man Gaming Publishing just announced a new comedic dating sim. Lovingly Evil comes from indie developer Lizard Hazard Games, best known for the adventure game Your Royal Gayness.

Player choices drive the game’s narrative with multiple, light-hearted branching storylines. Here’s more from the developer:

Lovingly Evil allows players to create their own Villain and enter The Villain Conference, where you can meet other high-profile baddies and maybe even find a partner – whether in crime or in love! – or you could just attend a few conference talks and work on really upping your Villain credentials. You never know who might take notice!

Walk the halls of the conference throughout the day and you could end up in hilarious conversation with a flower-loving Vampire, a Wicked Step-Mother, or even Lucifer himself if you can pry him away from flipping burgers on his Hellfire Grill.  

Lovingly Evil is coming to PC later this summer. A demo will be available on Steam between June 16 and 22 as part of the Steam Game Festival. In the meantime, check out a trailer for the game below!

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