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LucasArts President Turned Candidate Joins Healthcare Protest

A lot of attention has been paid to healthcare protests across the country as President Obama and Democrats in Congress attempt to overhaul the nation’s ailing healthcare system. Some have resulted in heated townhall meetings, others have seen people armed with assault rifles outside of presidential events.

One of the people joining the protesters is none other than the former president of LucasArts Jim Ward. As you may recall, we reported on Mr. Ward’s candidacy for the U.S. House of Representatives last week. He’s running against Democrat Harry Mitchell in Arizona’s 5th Congressional District. The sign that Mr. Ward was carrying read “My Doctor My Choice” (image below).

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His sign is, at best, misleading. All healthcare bills being considered in Congress allow people with private insurance to keep their insurance if they choose to. Those opting for the so-called “public option” are allowed to choose their doctor. Apparently his campaign believes that it is “grassroots” for a candidate to hold a sign outside of his rival’s office. Good game, Mr. Ward. Good game.