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Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon for Nintendo Wii Available in Stores

Electronic Arts joins the festivities surrounding the highly anticipated launch of Nintendo Wii with the release of Madden NFL 07 and Need for Speed Carbon. Each title remains true to the hallmarks of its franchise but is designed to take full advantage of Wii’s one-of-a-kind controller and will be available in stores November 19, 2006. Additional releases on Wii in the coming months include titles from the Harry Potter, Tiger Woods PGA TOUR, SSX, Medal of Honor, and The Sims franchises.

“The launch of Nintendo Wii has offered EA a unique opportunity to capitalize on the capabilities of the revolutionary controller and attract a whole new gaming audience,” said John Schappert, Senior Vice President, Chief Operating Officer, Worldwide Studios, EA. “Looking ahead, we will continue to explore new and innovative game play possibilities and custom-design our most popular franchises to take full advantage of this unique gaming platform.”

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With the launch on the Nintendo Wii, Madden NFL 07 takes advantage of the revolutionary controller design and all-new Madden FreeMotion controls to create a new controller-focused experience, bringing Madden’s gameplay depth alive in a whole new and immersive way. Key Wii-only features for Madden NFL 07 include exclusive multiplayer mini games designed to support four player gameplay, new multiplayer enhancements including a multiplayer sprint, new play calling system designed for basic football fan knowledge, and Madden in-game tutorials that teach the users how to use new FreeMotion controls and allow users to practice within the game.