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Madden NFL Arcade Now Available on PSN and XBLA

Electronic Arts announced today that Madden NFL Arcade is now available for download on the PlayStation Store and on Xbox LIVE Arcade. Perfect for pick-up-and-play action during halftime, Madden NFL Arcade provides an all-new way to experience the Madden NFL franchise, featuring a unique art style and fast-paced gameplay. Madden NFL Arcade is available on the PlayStation Store and Xbox LIVE for $14.99 and 1200 MS points respectively.

Madden NFL Arcade takes everything you love about your favorite NFL stars and stadiums and brings them to life in a fun, high-scoring gridiron battle. Featuring all 32 NFL teams and stadiums, including the top five offensive and defensive stars from each team, with all-new arcade style animations, every play looks like a highlight reel. From linemen to wide receivers, each player is 100% authentic to the NFL and injected with over-the-top personality unique to Madden NFL Arcade.

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