Magic: The Gathering universe comes to Smite for its tenth anniversary

Since the announcement of Smite‘s 10th anniversary, the Hi-Rez team has been working to celebrate this milestone in style. So, surprisingly, they have announced a collaboration that no one expected. It’s a collaboration with Wizards of the Coast to bring one of the most relevant card role-playing games.

Magic: The Gathering comes to Smite with a good amount of content for all those RPG fans. In addition to this incredible collaboration, Hi-Rez has added in this Fire Giant Update a new god, along with a lot of changes to the conquest mode map that will surprise many players.

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Five iconic legends from Magic: The Gathering arrive in Smite

Magic: The Gathering is one of those things that simply needs no introduction. It’s an iconic card game that has transcended over the last three decades. A few years ago, it leaped digitally. Therefore, Hi-Rez has thought of Smite‘s 10th anniversary as the perfect moment for a collaboration between these two big names.

Smite Magic the Gathering cards

This incredible crossover was announced earlier this month, coming as a surprise to all players (both Smite and Magic: The Gathering). For this first update of the collaboration, five skins of well-known legends of the game have arrived on the conquest map.

Fiery Chandra Nalaar is Pele, the Polynesian Goddess of volcanoes, while Atraxa is the winged angel of death Thanatos. Karn becomes Atlas and carries his massive Astrolabe as a weapon, as Nu Wa, the necromancer and Planeswalker Liliana Vess; and last but not less important, the most talented mind mage in the Multiverse, Jace Beleren, as a skin for Yu Huang. Each of these skins can be obtained for 1200 gems ($25 approximately) or in the chests (randomly and unsecured) for 600 gems each.

In addition to all this, players will be able to receive free rewards when playing, and a large number of cosmetics such as the Power Nine loading frame. Also, it is worth noting that in the next major update of the game, five more skins based on more Magic: The Gathering legends will be added. Undoubtedly, great news for fans of both games.

The Fire Giant Update

In addition to the aforementioned collaboration, Smite continues to celebrate its 10th anniversary with a new big update called “the Fire Giant Update. True to the name of the update, a new god has arrived on the conquest map: Surtr The Fire Gian. Ragnarok is finally coming to Smite and Surtr is no longer a jungle boss but a protagonist in every battle.


Surtr arrives with a slightly different gameplay mechanic that may confuse Smite OG players a bit. This fire giant launches lane minions, summon fiery imps, and impressively, becomes a flaming meteor falling from the heavens. After being defeated by the gods for many years, Surtr arrives on the conquest map in search of revenge and he will get it!

But, accompanying Surtr in this new season of monsters, a lot of changes are coming to the conquest map. A lot of changes are coming to the conquest battleground. All lanes, the jungle, and each of the new bosses in games have undergone a lot of changes. In addition, new monsters like the rogue Cyclops, or the Fire Giant’s gargantuan successor, will appear in the game.

But not only that! Regarding gameplay, the god classes now have stronger identities through class-specific bonus stats. In addition to this, 45 items have been created, modified, upgraded, or removed from the store. This allows for more frenetic and fun gameplay that all players will love!

Battle Pass: Boss Monsters

Naturally, as a new season arrives in Smite, a new Battle Pass comes with it. The Battle Pass: Boss Monsters follows the monster theme that has conquered the conquest battleground. 4 very striking skins arrive in this battle pass for Kukulkan, Gruan Yu, Cernunnos, and Arachne.

Smite year 10 pass

And if that wasn’t enough, all those players who get the Smite Year 10 Pass, will instantly get different content that will arrive throughout 2023 to Smite. In addition, all those who buy the Year 10 Pass now, will be getting 1000 gems and the Calamity Cat Sol skin automatically. Undoubtedly, the best way to celebrate this milestone of the game is as a player.