Magipanels is a match-three puzzle game coming soon to Nintendo Game Boy

If you are a retro fan, don’t miss this modern take on the match 3 genre for the classic Game Boy.

A retro take on the match 3 puzzle genre is coming to the classic Nintendo Game Boy handheld. Bownly, in conjunction with Incube8 Games and Spacebot Interactive, announced today that Magipanels will be released physically and digitally very soon.

On the Nintendo Game Boy, this fresh twist on the match 3 genre feels right at home. Magipanels is a talent show that draws people who practice magic from all around the world. The technique of demonstrating one’s magical power is abstracted in the form of a puzzle game: the Magipanels grid, a device designed to be manipulated by channeling one’s magic into it.

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A fun match 3 game for the Game Boy

To construct combinations and earn a high score, you must alter the grid panels one column or row at a time. Use the unique abilities of each character to drastically change the grid to your advantage. There are eight playable characters, sixteen panel themes, five songs, and a few hidden mysteries in Magipanels.

The game’s physical Game Boy edition will come in a sealed box with the Incube8 emblem on the side, similar to the traditional Game Boy game boxes. We’ll also receive a manual, a sticker sheet for the game, and a Spacebot Interactive cartridge.

Incube8 has not yet shared the release date of the title, but we can share that the developers plan for both a physical and digital release. Details on the digital edition will follow at a later date.

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