Mahokenshi demo to premiere at Steam Next Fest

Play with over 50 cards in the playable Mahokenshi demo and fight to defend the Celestial Islands.

Mahokenshi, the forthcoming game from Game Source Studio, will have its first playable demo at the Steam Next Fest, the studio said today. Mahokenshi is a one-of-a-kind combination of adventure and deckbuilding, with over 3000 illustrated cards, only 50 of which will be accessible in the playable demo.

Save the Celestial Islands

The first released trailer for Game Source Studio’s forthcoming project, puts the player in the position of a strong samurai magician, Mahokenshi, fighting to save the Celestial Islands against an old adversary, the forces of corruption. It mixes tactics, exploration, and deckbuilding, with strategic play being important because the forces of corruption will be difficult adversaries.

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The turn-based battle allows for more time to think about the following pand and construct strong card combinations. After completing the main campaign, the characters will get additional perks and abilities to use in the next game.

In addition, the game has fully animated 3D characters and bright and dynamic areas separated into hex cells for players to traverse, explore, and battle on during their journeys. As they go across the Celestial Islands, they will encounter formidable adversaries, towns, and other possibilities to expand their decks and evolve their cards into stronger versions.

The demo is available during the Steam Next Fest. It will contain three distinct scenarios to play and will allow players to pick one of the four houses to confront the forces of corruption. Meanwhile, Mahokenshi will be available in Early Access in the first quarter of 2022.

Watch the first trailer of Mahokenshi down below.

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