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Majesco Announces Turn It Around for the DS

Majesco today announced Turn It Around for the Nintendo DS. Developed by 505 Games and licensed from Taito, Turn It Around challenges players to master the Touch Screen turn wheel in 24 arcade- style games. “Turn It Around’s unique spinning premise and wide range of mini-games make it a perfect title for gamers looking for a new handheld experience at a great value,” said Ken Gold, vice president of Marketing, Majesco.

All 24 mini-games in Turn It Around focus on Touch Screen turning. Players must strategically rotate the turn wheel to complete each game based on power, technique or speed. Whether destroying blocks in Arkanoid, transporting guests to their floor in Elevator Action, hitting it out of the park in Pinch Hitter or maintaining your balance in Packed Train, gamers will get a wrist workout on their way to becoming the ultimate Turn Master. Turn It Around also features three different multiplayer turning modes so gamers can “spin off” against a friend.

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