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Mario Kart DS Wi-Fi Changes

Game rumor site SPOnG believes that Nintendo will, in the coming months, correct perceived problems with the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection service associated with Mario Kart DS. Users largely tout the service for fast match finding, virtually no lag and few drops, but some have complained about users intentionally dropping to avoid recording a loss on their record. I’ve personally experienced this; it can be quite frustrating to log into a service only for your opponents to drop.

“SPOnG believes that Nintendo will initially punish those dropping from games with a loss, though a more complete overhaul is expected to be rolled out. The ability to leave some kind of feedback is likely to be implemented in a later phase of what SPOnG has learned will a be program aimed at gradually settling concerns of users. It is also thought that retrospective ‘tagging’ of opponents will occur, with users able to add other players after a race concludes,” their article reads.

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