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Mario Kart Tour is getting multiplayer next week

Remember Mario Kart Tour? Nintendo’s mobile-only racing game for Android and iOS devices is finally getting multiplayer.

The company announced in a tweet that Mario Kart Tour‘s long-awaited online multiplayer will go live on March 8. Nintendo has been updating the racing game every few weeks.

Here are more details on how the multiplayer will work:

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There will be two different kinds of multiplayer races available in Mario Kart Tour: Standard Races and Gold Races. Races will support up to eight players in both modes, and standard Races will be available to everyone, while Gold Races will only be available if you’ve got a Mario Kart Tour Gold Pass. You won’t need the Gold Pass to play Standard Races or to play with friends nearby.

Standard Races offer the chance to race online players, friends, or nearby gamers. The races will use a set of rules that will change every day. If you’re playing with friends or nearby players, you can create your own set of rules. Gold Races require a subscription to play and will allow you to race at higher speeds. Nintendo says you’ll need to use “advanced kart maneuvers” to outwit your opponents in Gold Races.

This is just the latest update for the game. We’ve also seen a winter-themed tour, a Tokyo tour, and more. The game launched last September for iOS and Android.

By the way, if you haven’t played the game in a while, you may want to brush up on these five simple tips to get the most out of Mario Kart Tour. The tips should help you stay competitive online.