Mario Strikers: Battle League free demo drops

Mario Strikers Battle League

There’s a lot of talk about the future of FIFA simulation games, but there’s nothing more real than having Bowser score a goal with a bicycle kick.

Mario has been through a lot of sports – baseball, golf, tennis, even the Olympics! But, one of our favorites is Super Mario Strikers. This game, which had its first release on GameCube, managed to create a huge niche community thanks to the Wii’s online functionality. It’s an enthusiastic fan community that waits for a new title to be released on every Nintendo console that comes out.

Since the Gamecube, only the Wii had received a title of the Mario Strikers saga, Mario Strikers Charged. But, to the surprise of almost the entire fan community of the series, Nintendo made a big announcement earlier this year. Mario Strikers returns once again under the name Mario Strikers: Battle League.

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Due to the great hype created by this new release, Nintendo has thought about the community. Today they have announced a demo of the game that is available today with online features coming in early June.

Battle players worldwide in this new upcoming demo

The demo, called Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick, will focus exclusively on online play. In this First Kick demo, matches are played with up to four players per team. This means that you can share a team with friends, two players online from the same console, or with strangers worldwide.

Mario Strikers Battle League

Players who have a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online service can already download the demo. However, they will only be able to play in training mode. Even so, you can practice each and every one of the movements of the different characters. Of course, the real attraction of this demo is the online games.

Nintendo Switch Online exclusive demo

Therefore, it will only be exclusive to Nintendo Switch Online users. Wait… but, what about players who don’t have a subscription? Will they miss out on this free experience? Well, maybe all is not lost for you.

The Nintendo Switch Online service will be free for seven days starting June 2! So, even if you have redeemed one of the trials of the service before, you can enjoy the service without paying. The online demo section will be available from Friday, June 3rd to Sunday, June 5th. You can’t miss this opportunity to try out the return of one of the most beloved niche soccer games.

You can download the Mario Strikers: Battle League First Kick demo via the Nintendo eShop. The full game is launching on June 10 exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

Watch the overview trailer below!