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MARS lightgun launches on PS4 and Xbox One with three compatible games

Nostalgic for the days of arcade and home console lightguns? The MARS point-and-shoot lightgun is out today for PS4 and Xbox One, along with three compatible games.

First off, you’ll need a MARS Starter Pack bundle, which comes with one Lightcon lightgun, an IR station camera, and one of three games: Voyage of the DeadBig Buck Hunter: Arcade, and Qubit’s Quest. The MARS Starter Pack bundle retails for $99.99.

Each game is also available separately on the PS4 and Xbox One online stores for $19.99 a piece. Additional Lightcon lightguns are available for $29.99 each.

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Voyage of the Dead allows up to four players to shoot their way through a cruise ship that has been overrun with zombies. The game has a quirky art style and campy humor.

Big Buck Hunter: Arcade brings the hunting arcade experience right to your living room. You’ll track down wild game such as white-tailed deer, moose, and elk in this outdoor adventure.

Qubit’s Quest is an action platformer for up to four players. Intended for gamers of all ages, you’ll find yourself on a mission to protect a loyal and cute robotic canine, Qubit. Play a co-op adventure campaign or compete with other players in ten fast-paced minigames.