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Mechajammer is a cyberpunk tactical RPG out now on PC


Immerse yourself in the gritty cyberpunk ’80s-inspired tactical RPG Mechajammer.

Mechajammer, a turn-based cyberpunk tactical RPG set in an off-world jungle colony, was released today by ModernWolf. After earlier sharing the gameplay of the game, Mechajammer is now exhibiting a superb adaption of a dystopian cyberpunk universe with its gloomy aesthetics and a very well realized environment.

Plan your strategies well and survive

Mechajammer introduces mechanisms with origins in board games, allowing players to immerse themselves in a more immersive simulation by selecting from a variety of courses and approaches to events. There is the option of going stealth, but there are also group-based combat aspects where players may disrupt operations and methodically destroy foes.

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Your deserter crew and you have crash-landed in a hostile jungle colony. You must gather rumors, pay opponents, and acquire confidence by fulfilling assignments in order to escape. As companions, assemble vast teams of mercenaries, gang members, and thieves. Give instructions to the whole squad to make turn-based battles lively and rapid.

Choose your route wisely, for the tale possibilities in this new ModernWolf game will alter with each choice. Players will have to read the room and decide what they believe is correct. This is usually the nicest phase of a turn-based game since it allows you to think about your future moves and limit errors.

Mechajammer is now available for PC via Steam.

Watch the launch trailer of the game down below!