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Medal of Honor: Airborne Ships on PC and Xbox 360

Get ready to get airborne! Medal of Honor Airborne, the latest installment from EA’s critically-acclaimed Medal of Honor franchise has shipped to store shelves across North America and the UK for the PC and Xbox 360. The game will ship to retailers throughout Europe on September 7. Medal of Honor Airborne is set to redefine the series and will change the way shooters are played. Medal of Honor Airborne offers a dramatically different approach to FPS games with its unprecedented non-linear gameplay.

“In recreating the largest airdrops in history, Medal of Honor Airborne brings a dramatic change and opens up the FPS genre with the innovative airdrop experience,” explained Patrick Gilmore, VP and Executive Producer at EALA. “Players have the ability to land anywhere on the battlefield, and choose their own tactics to achieve victory, delivering unprecedented variety and freedom to the combat experience.”

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For the first time in a FPS game, players airdrop into combat from a C-47 and land anywhere in an open battlefield. The first step is everything and the player’s landing spot can dramatically change the course of battle. Conflict on the ground offers unprecedented tactical choice in vertical, open battle spaces with a wealth of attack routes and flanking opportunities. Be sure to check out Game Freaks 365’s hands-on preview and article from our trip to Fort Bragg, North Carolina.