Mega Man Legacy Collection Packs All 8-Bit Games Into One Package


Mega Man is still one of the most revered video game characters around, even though he has not exactly translated very well to the 3D era. That legacy lives on through compilations, the latest of which is set to release on PC, PS4 and Xbox One on August 25.

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Mega Man Legacy Collection includes all six of the franchise’s 8-bit video games in one digital package for $14.99. Physical copies of the game (with the exception of PC) will be available beginning in early 2016. Capcom also plans to release a Nintendo 3DS version next year both digitally and physically. Physical copies will carry a premium price tag of $29.99.

Mega Man Legacy Collection Screenshots

The Legacy Collection also includes “hundreds of high-resolution scans of vintage concept sketches, production art, unused Robot Master designs, a database of enemy information, a robust Challenge Mode full of remixed gameplay sections, plus a music player with all the games’ soundtracks — more than 100 songs.” Challenge Mode remixes gameplay segments from all six of the 8-bit classics.

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