Merge Dragons adds Treasure Tower challenge

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Merge Dragons adds Treasure Tower challenge

Merge Dragons has a new feature called Treasure Tower.

The mobile puzzle game Merge Dragons has a new feature. It’s called Treasure Tower. Zynga says that it is out starting today.

Treasure Tower is a new feature where players can climb a magical tower floor-by-floor, revealing mystery rewards. These prizes become more valuable as players climb higher. However, there’s a risk of losing it all. Each floor carries the risk of losing all accumulated treasure, so players must choose wisely.

“The new Treasure Tower feature symbolizes our goal to keep challenging players and introduce new premium features that expand the in-game experience in Merge Dragons,” said Eren Yanik, Chief Product Officer at Gram Games.

“The risk-reward element of the tower gameplay offers a thrilling strategic challenge with a goal of freeing a rare dragon by reaching the top,” Yanik adds.

According to Zynga, Treasure Tower will include multiple events and themes with limited-time rewards for players to unlock and new dragons to rescue based on these events. The company has continuously added new content, including the Arcadia map and new decorating features to personalize your dragon home.