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Merge Dragons adds new decorating features to personalize your dragon home

Merge Dragons!

With a plethora of new add-ons to Merge Dragons, you can now build comfortable abodes for your dragons.

Zynga has announced that one of the titles on its extensive array of mobile games will receive a much-anticipated update for enthusiasts. Merge Dragons, a game developed by Gram Games, received new features today that allow players to access and personalize the interior design of the dragons’ comfortable homes.

Decorate your dragon’s cave

With the addition of new items, mechanics, and personalization options, we will be able to customize our dragons’ cozy caves to our liking. For those who are unfamiliar with the title, Merge Dragons, the players incubate and raise dragons that use their abilities to heal a magical land and replenish their energy reserves at the dragon’s center of operations.

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Decorations are themed in three separate categories with the new variety of items and furniture, Kala, Retro, and Rustic, and each set contains five different item chains, each with various levels and legendary, mythical, rare, epic, common, or uncommon rarities. The more rooms a player decorates, the more rooms are unlocked for new items.

Dust is the new in-game currency

Dust, a new currency, has been added to the game as part of this new version. Players will be able to get this new money by locating ‘Dust Bunnies’ and selling furnishings in their inventory. Gram Games introduces a marketplace where users may purchase in-game crates containing materials and objects for customizing the Dragon Houses.

“Four years ago, we introduced a new, innovative puzzle mechanic to mobile gamers with Merge Dragons,” said Eren Yanik, Chief Product Officer at Gram Games.

“With Dragon Homes, we’re continuing to evolve the Merge mechanic and bring a new design-forward, calming, and gratifying way for players to further nurture their dragons and customize their in-game experience,” he added.

Merge Dragons is available now for free on Android and iOS devices.

Watch the update’s new video of the game down below!