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Metal Gear Ac!d 2 Goes 3D (Hardware Picture)

Konami Corporation announced that it has developed a 3D viewing peripheral in conjunction with Sony Music Communications for PlayStation Portable. This attachment makes games and movies (designed specifically for this system) much more realistic by producing full-color, 3D visuals. Simply place the viewer lens on the PSP system.

This system, entitled “SOL!D EYE TOBIDAC!D (tentative product name)� will make its debut on December 8th in Japan. It will be packaged along with METAL GEAR AC!D2. Players can also change between 3D and normal view anytime, even while playing. METAL GEAR AC!D2 with “SOL!D EYE TOBIDAC!D (tentative product name)� will be sold for 5,229 yen.

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