MetalCore gameplay demo debuts at PAX West

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MetalCore gameplay demo debuts at PAX West

Fire up your jump jets in the first playable demo of futuristic online multiplayer shooter MetalCore.

What do you get when you mix armored assault tanks, screaming jet fighters, and towering mech war machines on a huge alien battlefield?

PAX West attendees will soon find out as they will be the first to play MetalCore, a mechanized combat game featuring huge war machines fighting for dominance in large-scale battles. Utilize futuristic combat vehicles, take base control points, dominate intense firefights, and gain ground against rival factions across a harsh, metal-rich planet.

We covered this NFT-based game last year. The developers are promising a vast, open world where players may engage in 50v50 PvP mega-fights, smaller-scale cooperative PvE combat, and faction-based open-world battles.

What to expect at PAX West

PAX West attendees can play a special demo version of MetalCore. In addition, there’s a lot more that you can do at the MetalCore booth located at #225 during PAX West.

Here’s what you can expect at the booth:

  • Take selfies with our gigantic Mech warrior! Hashtag #PlayMetalCorePAX for your chance to win a limited-edition MetalCore Mech statue.
  • Jump into a 5v5 LAN battle for the first hands-on gameplay session of MetalCore.
  • Lots of free stuff including baseball caps and unique Faction collectible pins – a different one will be featured each day.

 The team is preparing to launch MetalCore’s open-world Alpha release in September 2022.