Metroid 64 is a fan-made N64 game that looks exactly like you’d expect

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Metroid 64

It’s only a matter of time before Nintendo starts litigating this fan-made Metroid 64 project. But, boy, does it look good!

If Nintendo has become known for anything in the last few years, it is for the great amount of controversy regarding fan-made games. All those Nintendo fans who have wanted to make their own versions of titles have not been slow to receive copyright complaints from Nintendo. They’re almost as litigious as Disney.

This time, a new Metroid fan-made game appeared on Twitter that at least so far escaped the reach of Nintendo’s legal department. It sure looks cool!

A fan-made game with a lot of detail that almost looks official

Metroid had a little vacation with the arrival of the Nintendo 64. Prior to the N64, it came out on SNES in 1994 in the form of Super Metroid, and then came out on GameCube as Metroid Prime in 2002. Almost 20 years after the release of Metroid Prime, a Mexican developer and N64 fanatic has taken on the task of creating an N64 version of Metroid. This 3D Metroidvania is called Metroid 64 and sees Samus with the classic graphics of this fifth-generation console.

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Luto Akino, is a talented Mexican indie developer who has dedicated his free time to the development of this fan-made version of Metroid. You can see the fanaticism for the series and the retro Nintendo console. This is reflected in the great level of detail that can be seen in the first builds he has shared on Twitter. It has everything from the movement to resembling the classic graphics of the N64 era.

As a developer, Akino has shared every important development step of this version. Clearly, this version is still very green, but there is a lot of potential behind it. Although it has been in the works since last year, Akino has only been developing in his spare time. So the progress of this version has been a bit slow.

We hope that someday this version of Metroid 64 will be released; but more importantly, that Nintendo’s lawyers don’t screw everything up once again. In the meantime, this is the next best thing after Metroid Prime 4 news. (In fact, we bet this comes out before MP4 on Switch.) If you want to know more about this title, we invite you to check Luto Akino’s Twitter.

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  • Snowboy says:

    This legitimately looks better than Other M was. It’s too bad that it’s going to get C&D’d by Nintendo, now that it’s getting attention from any media outlet :/

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