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Miami Vice Brings Southern Florida to Your PSP

Vivendi Games’ Sierra Entertainment has announced that Miami Vice The Game is now available in retail stores nationwide. Set in present-day Miami, the thrilling third-person action shooter is inspired by the Universal Pictures crime drama, Miami Vice, in theaters July 28. Players will go deep undercover as narcotic officers Sonny Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs in the notorious world of Miami Vice — a place where badges don’t count. Developed by UK-based Rebellion, Miami Vice The Game is available exclusively for the PlayStation Portable. The development of the game comes through an agreement with Universal Studios Consumer Products Group.

“By allowing players to go dangerously undercover as Crockett and Tubbs in the rich, glamorous and decadent world of Miami Vice, as well as providing game design elements that maximize the technology of the PSP system including cutting-edge motion capture, highly-detailed environments, and lighting effects inspired by the film, Miami Vice The Game delivers a truly authentic Miami Vice experience that will appeal to fans and action gamers,” said Cindy Cook, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer for Vivendi Games.

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