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Michigan Showdown: Governor Battles Game Industry

As we reported several weeks back, Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm has called on the passing of legislation in her state to prevent children from obtaining violent and sexually explicit games. Similar bills have been proposed in California, Illinois, Indiana, and Washington.

According to local reports from Michigan, Governor Jennifer Granholm’s office conducted an undercover sting in six counties. 26 out of 58 stores sold mature-rated video games to kids as young as nine years of age.

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In recent weeks Granholm and state lawmakers have sought to bolster the case for legislation that would ban the sale or rental of violent or sexually explicit games to anyone under 17. Retailers could face fines or jail. In hearings, lawmakers have showed clips of ‘The Guy Game’ and ‘Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas’.

Bills restricting the sale and rental of violent video games are making their way through the Michigan legislature. They are Senate Bills 249 and 416 and House Bills 4593 and 4702. A bill similar to the one proposed in Michigan failed to pass committee in California, partially as a result of vigorous lobbying from the game industry.