Microids Studio Lyon opens


Microids has opened a new development studio in Lyon, France named Microids Studio Lyon. According to the company, it is consolidating its teams to focus on new adventure games.

Game industry veteran David Chomard, who worked for several publishers before managing his own studio for ten years, leads as Studio Director. Lyon is recruiting two dozen professionals (artists, designers, and programmers) with Unity engine experience on consoles.

“I am delighted to once again work with Microids and leading this new studio. The production of a video game is a true adventure. I can’t wait to share more about the upcoming games developed by Microids Studio Lyon,” David Chomard says.

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The Lyon studio completes the company’s pipeline of fully integrated internal project development. Microids will keep working with multiple studios already hard at work on more than 25 titles. Among those titles are five different games based on the Smurfs.

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