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Microsoft Expands Paypal Support in Wake of PSN Fiasco

With Sony announcing that all of their online services may not be fully restored until May 31, many gamers are making use of their Xbox 360 consoles to hop onto Xbox Live. These gamers, as well as many others, will get to enjoy a few new features. Perhaps the smartest feature Microsoft has ever released is the ability to use PayPal as a payment option. In the shadow of Sony’s security failure, Microsoft is stepping up its security of customers’ information. Gamers living outside the U.S., as well as ones without credit cards, should really be happy with this year’s spring update offering.

The company also announced that a new disc format, known as Xbox Game Disc Format, will be included in the update. The new format, which upcoming games will make use of, will provide an extra gigabyte of storage for developers to play with. Not to worry, as your current discs will work just fine with the update to the disc drive. Look for the update to hit your console over Xbox Live on May 19.

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