Microsoft Handheld Not a Portable Xbox

When the news broke about a portable handheld from Microsoft with screens of Halo being played on the device, game sites immediately reported that the system was a portable Xbox that would challenge the PlayStation Portable and Nintendo DS. We were more cautious in our reporting, noting the high expected price tag and the lack of firm details from Microsoft. Now it appears that your hopes of a portable Halo could be squashed.

A person that works for Microsoft told the AP that the system is “not a portable version of Microsoft’s Xbox” and that it won’t replace your home computer. The Origami, as it’s being called, is meant to be an “ultra-mobile PC”, less powerful than a standard PC, but packed with Windows XP features. If you want Internet access, e-mail, videos or photos, this device will work well at between $500-$1,000. If you’re expecting Halo gaming, you’re likely going to be disappointed as the Origami “will not have the advanced entertainment capabilities” of a standard PC.

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