Microsoft just added a ton of Xbox Game Pass Quests

Grand Theft Auto V

Microsoft announced today that it is making changes to Xbox Game Pass Quests, which earn players Microsoft Rewards points.

“Today, we are launching a massive update to Xbox Game Pass Quests, giving you more Quests, more ways to earn, and more points,” the company says. “Our goal with the Quests program is to help you discover and try new games and be rewarded for playing the Xbox Game Pass games you love.”

Instead of having a limited number of quests each month for players to earn Microsoft Rewards points, there will now be around 90 quests each month. Some of the quests will be daily, while others will be weekly or monthly.

So what’s in store for this month? Here are the quests that you can unlock and earn points for in February. The monthly quests expire on March 2.


  • All Xbox Game Pass console games: Earn 15 points by playing any Xbox Game Pass console Game
  • Mobile app: Earn 15 points by logging in to the Xbox Game Pass mobile app


  • All Xbox Game Pass games: Earn 50 points by earning an achievement in any Xbox Game Pass console game this week
  • (For Ultimate members only) Payday 2: Complete 3 heists in Payday 2: Crimewave Edition to earn 75 points


  • Earn 1,000 points by completing 45 daily Quests and 15 weekly Quests this month
  • Grand Theft Auto V: Earn 100 points by stealing 35 cars in GTA: V

Want to keep track of all of the available quests? Download the Xbox Game Pass mobile app!

Not an Xbox Game Pass subscriber? New subscribers can get three months of Ultimate for $1. Existing subscribers who need to renew can get three months of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate for $22.79.

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