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Xbox Game Pass Twitter account

Microsoft’s social accounts have updated the branding for Xbox Game Pass. Specifically, they’ve dropped the word ‘Xbox’ from the logo. Instead, it just has an Xbox logo.

The updated logo is live for both of the company’s Game Pass Twitter accounts: @XboxGamePass and @XboxGamePassPC. At least for now, the names remain unchanged. And as you can see, the respective Twitter accounts still say Xbox Game Pass and Xbox Game Pass for PC.

Does this mean that changes are coming to how Microsoft markets Xbox Game Pass? Quite possibly. It’s clear that a strong part of Microsoft’s next-gen strategy is to heavily push services. All of the games highlighted at the recent Xbox Games Showcase are coming to Game Pass.

Plus, the service will also soon be available on smartphones via Project xCloud. So they’re positioning Game Pass to be a cross-platform service with broad appeal. It’ll be interesting to see how many people buy into it who do not own an Xbox One or the upcoming Xbox Series X.

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