Microsoft signs 10-year deal to bring Call of Duty games to Nintendo consoles

From the Switch onwards, Nintendo will welcome Call of Duty for the next 10 years under the deal.

Even if you live under rocks, at some point you may have heard about the big deal with the Activision Blizzard buyout. If you haven’t already, we have covered this big controversy in several articles. And one of these has been Xbox’s bold (but desperate) move to bring Call of Duty to more consoles other than Xbox.

So, after the controversy between Sony and Call of Duty, Xbox offered a ten-year deal with Nintendo to bring the popular game series. Although at first, it seemed a fantasy the return of the saga to Nintendo consoles, it looks like it may happen. Surprisingly, Brad Smith via Twitter has confirmed that this deal has become a reality.

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Microsoft and Nintendo once again team up

Beyond all the competition between consoles to get the biggest share of sales, Xbox continues with the project to unite the largest number of players. Therefore, despite all the controversy surrounding the purchase of Activision Blizzard, the American company is looking for different solutions so that the purchase does not affect a large part of the gaming community.

Microsoft Nintendo Call of Duty agreemnet

That is why the offer of this agreement to Nintendo was made with the purpose of confirming that Microsoft and Xbox are determined to continue uniting gamers with Activision Blizzard’s games. Moreover, Call of Duty is already a well-known game series among Nintendo gamers. Therefore, although it was a very risky and desperate move by Xbox to win over government regulators, there was a chance that it could become a reality.

Microsoft’s current president, Brad Smith, is in Brussels. The reason for this visit is to defend the acquisition of Activision Blizzard before the European antitrust authorities. A great way to prove that Xbox is totally against the accusations by other companies in the industry (including Sony), has revealed the confirmation of such an agreement with Nintendo.

If the deal is approved, all Call of Duty games in the series will be released with the same content, date, and special features as Xbox consoles. In this way, even on Nintendo consoles, all players will be able to enjoy the game just as Xbox or PlayStation players will enjoy it. It’s a move that has gone very well on the part of Xbox, but that creates a great unknown about the future. After these 10 years pass, will Call of Duty become exclusive to Xbox?