Xbox Series X S emulation
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Microsoft suspending players who emulate on Xbox Series S

Some time ago, it became known that gamers with an Xbox Series S could emulate games. Through developer mode (which is paid), you could access different options that allowed you to emulate games from other consoles. And although everything was perfect, it turns out that things have changed dramatically.

Xbox users who want to enjoy classic games via emulators should beware. It doesn’t matter if you emulate on your Xbox Series S console in retail or development mode. You can get your console banned!

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According to a Twitter user, Microsoft is suspending the consoles of those who use emulators in retail mode. And to top it off, it is suspending consoles that use emulators in developer mode.

The end of emulation on Xbox Series S

Months ago, many gamers learned that the Xbox Series S was perfect for emulation. Through Xbox’s paid developer mode, gamers could install third-party software. This allowed emulators from all types of consoles to be introduced to Xbox consoles – even competing consoles.

For those living under a rock, emulators are programs that allow games from other platforms to run on another device. For example, there are Nintendo 64, PlayStation, or Sega Genesis emulators that can be installed on a computer or smartphone.

However, this is a violation of the terms of service and can have serious consequences for retro gaming fans. Therefore, thanks to Twitter user Hikikomori Media, we learned that those who introduce emulators in the retail mode of the console will be suspended for at least 15 days.

In the same way, he informs that those who introduce third-party software related to emulation in the developer mode will also face a suspension. No further information has been officially released. However, thousands of gamers are already facing suspensions that lock their consoles.