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Midnight Club: Los Angeles is back on the Microsoft Store for Xbox consoles

Midnight Club: Los Angeles

After Rockstar removed the game from digital stores in 2018, Midnight Club: Los Angeles is once again available for Xbox. The news comes as a surprise as Rockstar hasn’t signaled its re-release.

For all those fans of the saga or new players who never gave Rockstar racing games a chance, it’s the perfect time to do it. Midnight Club: Los Angeles is a game that gives another perspective of the city of Angels from a racing point of view.

The Xbox 360 game is once again available for purchase on the Microsoft Store. It retails for $14.99. It comes from developer Rockstar San Diego. The game is playable on both Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S.

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What’s going on?

But there’s no doubt that something is stirring within Rockstar because this news comes just days after Rockstar delisted Midnight Club 2 on Steam, just after accidentally putting it up for sale for the first time in three years. All that remains is for Rockstar to put the game back on sale on the PlayStation Store because today if we search for the game on there, we won’t find it.

It is unknown if the game was re-listed by accident, but several Xbox users have announced that they could buy the game without problems. Midnight Club: Los Angeles is the last game released in the racing franchise. This re-listed Complete Edition first launched in 2009.

My Take

We hope to see another release of Midnight Club from Rockstar soon. It is a franchise that is not worth being forgotten as it still has many fans worldwide, including this writer in South America.