La Liga Minecraft
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Minecraft celebrates the start of La Liga with a new skin pack

La Liga Minecraft

You can feel like Lewandoski, Benzema, Dembele, Vinicius Jr. or any other player of the most important soccer league in the world when playing Minecraft.

Minecraft collaborations have spanned different industries. They’ve collaborated with video games (Sonic the Hedgehog), movies (Minions), cartoon series (SpongeBob), and more but very few collaborations with sports trademarks. One of them was the MLB Home Run Derby Skin Pack made by The Misfit Society. And, today, one more joins the list.

Soccer fans (or “football” for our friends in the rest of the world) are celebrating the collaboration with La Liga. La Liga, considered the best soccer league in the world, comes to Minecraft with a skin pack of all 22/23 kits of all the teams. There are more than 80 skins to choose from!

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La Liga is in Minecraft

For the first time, we have an official soccer collaboration in Minecraft. And who better to be the pioneer than La Liga? Soccer fans can now play in Minecraft wearing the kit of their favorite Spanish soccer league team.

From Real Madrid and Barcelona to Real Betis, all the kits of every team in the league are here. So, you can wear these cool kits on private servers, through realms, or simply play in your local game.

For $2.85, you will be acquiring this collaboration with La Liga. If you are interested in getting this amazing skin pack, you can do it by clicking here. It is available on Minecraft for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, Minecraft Bedrock on PC, and Minecraft Pocket Edition on Mobile Devices.