Minecraft Chromebook

Minecraft Chromebook early access launches

You may or may not have been expecting it, but Minecraft is coming to a new platform!

We all know the success of Minecraft. Without a doubt, it is the greatest sandbox survival game ever in the history of video games – a game that allows you to let your imagination run wild in each world and live unforgettable adventures. Thanks to this, the game is practically present on all types of platforms including a new Minecraft Chromebook edition.

But, surprisingly for some (and for others not) Minecraft arrives on a new platform: Chromebook! The Mojang team has recently notified that an Early Access version of Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has been released for Chromebook OS devices.

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Welcome Chromebook users!

It was only a matter of time before Minecraft would arrive with a Chromebook version. However, last year the popularity of devices with this operating software had lost popularity. Therefore, a Chromebook version of Minecraft was looking very unlikely.

But Mojang, in conjunction with Google, had been working on a version based on the Bedrock Edition of the game to adapt it to Chromebooks. The Chromebook version is based on the Android version of Minecraft Pocket Edition but with certain tweaks for a better gaming experience.

This Chromebook version offers cross-device play with friends through Realms. But most importantly, players can access everything the Minecraft Marketplace has to offer.  However, it should be noted that this version will not be available to all users. And, it will not be compatible with all Chromebooks released to date. Devices that meet these early access minimum requirements can run the game:

  • Operating System: ChromeOS 111
  • System Architecture: 64-bit (x86_64, arm64-v8a)
  • Processor: Intel Celeron N4500, Intel i3-7130U, Mediatek MT8183, Qualcomm SC7180 or better
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: Minimum of 1 GB game installation, maps, and other files

If Minecraft is not available in the Play Store on your Chromebook, don’t be upset. If it is compatible, it will eventually be available before the final release date of the version. The base cost of this version will be $19.99 which contains both the Chromebook and Android versions. If you already have the Android version, for only $13 you can upgrade to the Chromebook version. Want to know more? Click here to make sure you don’t miss any of the information.