Minecraft commemorates loss of Technoblade, one of the greatest content creators

Minecraft technoblade

Rest in peace, Technoblade. Minecraft fans will always remember you.

Unexpectedly, one of the great creators of Minecraft is gone. Alex, better known as Technoblade, has left this plane after a tough battle with cancer. After a difficult video, where Technoblade’s father delivers a message from the late YouTuber saying goodbye forever, the whole internet has collapsed at this news.

As a great creator of Minecraft content, his passing was very difficult to pass under the table. Big names like TommyInnit, dream, and more have left their condolences for his loss. But, what has surprised players the most is that on the same day of the Youtuber’s passing, Mojang commemorated his death in a very special way.

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Technoblade was a Minecraft YouTube content creator for more than eight years. Despite not having the same numbers as other great creators, he became well-known among the game’s community all thanks to his funny, crazy but very good gameplays. He even managed to win the hearts of many game developers.

Although in the gameplays everything looked great, in the background it was hell for Technoblade. Alex had been suffering from cancer for many years. In the last few months, he fought a very strong battle against the disease. At one point it seemed that he had overcome it, but after a relapse, everything got worse.

Since April, we had not heard anything about him. His last video was on April 2. Almost three months later, a new video appeared on his channel but it was not what we expected. Alex’s father gave us a video message that Technoblade had pre-recorded in case he lost his battle with cancer.

A very special commemoration

Surprisingly, Minecraft‘s Twitter account made a statement about this unfortunate situation, making clear the influence of this content creator in the game community.

As a commemoration to Technoblade for his great work during these eight years, since July 1 we can see Technoblade in Minecraft launcher. As you can hear, the pig that appears in the Minecraft launcher art now wears the crown that used to have Technoblade’s skin in Minecraft.

In addition, it has been rumored among the Minecraft community on Twitter that Mojang will possibly immortalize Technoblade inside the game. It is expected that by entering Technoblade’s name in a Minecraft tag and putting it on a pig, the pig will automatically have the crown of the late Youtuber’s in-game skin.

Technoblade will always be remembered, and the love conveyed by the entire Minecraft community shows how important he always was. Rest in peace, Alex. Your legacy will always live on.

Watch Technoblade’s final video: