Minecraft Trails and Tales Update Revealed

The Sniffer, the cherry blossom biome, archeology, and much more!

After the last Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update – which actually got not one but two parts – all Minecraft fans were already thinking about the next update of the game. They were not only asking for new mobs (as in every update) but also for new content that would make the game experience much more dynamic and fluid. But, despite the snapshots that the game has been receiving for months, Mojang has revealed the Minecraft Trails and Tales Update.

At last, Mojang has taken the plunge and presented update 1.20 in a formal way, with its own name. Minecraft Trails & Tales is the official name that will conglomerate all the new features of an update that aims to be one of the most groundbreaking for Minecraft. And, seeing the feedback from many players after the snapshots, everything looks like they have hit the nail on the head!

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Minecraft Trails & Tales

After much speculation on forums, Reddit, and YouTube, players were impatient for the release of the expected 1.20 of Minecraft. The game, in its latest updates, has evolved in a big way offering players a better gaming experience. Still, there are many elements that remain to be fixed. And that’s what players have been waiting for with a new update.

After much waiting by Mojang, thanks to the latest video from the Minecraft channel we know that Minecraft Trails & Tales is the official name of the 1.20 update.

“The name represents the journey that Minecraft takes us on, and the unique stories that each of us brings back. At the end of the journey, however, you have chosen to play Minecraft, you will have your very own story that goes with it,” Mojang says.

As we have seen both in the video and in the latest Minecraft snapshots, this new update brings a lot of content. From sniffing for seeds and more with the sniffer, to digging into history with archaeology. You can also explore the new cherry blossom biome, organize your home with the chiseled bookshelf, craft with bamboo, and even enjoy a ride through the desert on a camel!

Minecraft Trails & Tales will add even more options to the game so you can enjoy your adventure in the early, mid, or late game: “The 1.20 update is all about self-expression, specifically self-expression through representation, storytelling, and world-building. And, it’s the journey – your trails – that ties it all together.”

Are you ready to live this new Minecraft update? So are we!

Check out the latest Minecraft update in the trailer below!