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Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure DLC out now

Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure

The happiest place on Earth has arrived in Minecraft.

There is no doubt that Disney is one of the most prominent corporations in entertainment today, and Mojang is one of the biggest in video games. So a partnership between these two organizations was only a matter of time. The Mojang team revealed this week the Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure, DLC commemorating Walt Disney World’s 50th anniversary.

Enjoy Minecraft with your favorite Disney characters

Mojang has shocked all Minecraft players with the quality of their recent DLCs, as well as the amount of interactivity given by the many aspects that are part of the DLC.

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Minecraft and Disney have collaborated to create official content that will undoubtedly delight fans of the long-running company and its franchises, as it is based on the Walt Disney parks. Fans can interact with memorable characters from Disney and Pixar in various scenarios.

Not only that, but this thematic content includes skins for players, allowing us to dress up as Mickey Mouse, Winnie Pooh, and his friends, as well as walk through the park with more than 20 iconic attractions from the parks, including Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, Space Mountain, and the Haunted Mansion.

Minecraft x Walt Disney World Magic Kingdom Adventure is available now on the Minecraft Marketplace for $8. If you’re a Disney fan and play Minecraft, this new DLC is a no-brainer.

Watch the release trailer down below!