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MMORPG Noah’s Heart registration open for closed beta test

Noah's Heart

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Archosaur Games announced today that Noah’s Hearth, their next MMORPG, will be tested between December 21 and December 27. You may sign up today to participate in the testing of this MMORPG, which will be available on mobile devices later this month.

A new world to discover

Noah’s Heart is set on Noah, a world full of secrets and wonders just waiting to be explored. It was created exclusively with Unreal Engine 4. Explore a world without borders, where no location is off-limits. Break away from traditional weapon specialities and classifications, and swap between weapons anytime you choose.

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Noah's Heart

Players interested in participating in the trial have three options: Explorer, Pioneer, and Envoy. Explorer is the default enrollment option available to everyone. Pioneer is an option for people who want to contribute to the Noah’s Heart community in the future. It provides extra incentives in exchange for promoting the sign-up page on social media. Envoy is the last choice for content providers and media representatives.

Classic MMORPG elements

Although we will have to learn most of the features that this MMORPG has to offer in Noah’s Heart, several highlights of the game, such as the large continent without bounds or borders, have already been disclosed on the official website.

Noah's Heart

Similarly, Archosaur Games has confirmed that, like every other game in the genre, we will have the weapon/class system, which includes the sword, bow, dual blades, and polearm, as well as career options where we can specialize in crafting items for ourselves, our team, or perhaps sell them to make a profit from our skills.

Registrations for the first test are already available, but places are limited, so we recommend that you sign up from everywhere before you miss out. The tests will last for seven days on a still-developing version of the game, in which we will be able to see certain bugs, which Archosaur Games requests to be notified each one of them in order to achieve a final release of a stable version of the game. You can click here to register for these closed tests.

Watch the game trailer down below!