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Mon Amour is an instadeath kissing action game coming to PC and Switch

Mon Amour

There’s a 99% risk you will instantly die as soon as you press start. That’s what Mon Amour is all about!

Onion Games announced today that their forthcoming title Mon Amour is now available for pre-order. The Japanese indie studio includes industry veterans who have previously worked on games such as No More Heroes, Little King’s Story, and Super Mario RPG.

Be the Babastille’s savior

In Mon Amour, three love-starved witches have abducted your princess along with all 64 members of her devoted royal court to the nightmare region of Babastille. Only your kiss can save them all from imminent death. To save all of the baron’s beautiful mon-a-girls, your love must conquer all of these traps and more, which are placed across the frightening landscape.

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But your path will not be as easy; you will face other competitors in the action who will make it difficult for you to achieve your goal of saving all of them. During each match, your friends or other players who play on the same platform as you compete against you in order to achieve the goal of saving all of them before you.

Mon Amour will be available for the Nintendo Switch and PC via Steam on October 14, 2021. The game is already available for pre-order on Steam, while it is still awaiting release on the US eShop.

Watch the announcement trailer of Mon Amour down below!