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Renegade Kid released Moon Chronicles: Episode 1 on the Nintendo 3DS eShop last May; it was the first proper FPS title on the 3DS. Creator Jools Watsham promised more chapters – Episode 1 was basically just a re-make of the original Moon, with 3D stereoscopic effects and slightly enhanced graphics. Nothing more was revealed until the most recent Nintendo Direct.

Moon Chronicles - 1

Finally, eight months later, Watsham revealed via Twitter that Moon Chrociles: Episodes 2 – 4 are coming soon. He wasn’t certain that all three episodes would be available the same day, but indicated February 5 as the release date. The price for each downloadable episode was set to $4.50; a “season pass” containing all three episodes can also be purchased for $9.

Moon Chronicles: Episode 1 will stay at its current MSRP – $8.99.

Watsham noted that Moon Chronicles will be fully compatible with the New Nintendo 3DS XL, which launches in North America one week later. This means players can use the additional “C-Stick” to aim, rather than their thumb or stylus.

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