The classic ‘anti-RPG’ Moon is now available on PC, PS4, and PS5

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The cult-classic anti-RPG Moon is back.

Today, Onion Games announced that the legendary RPG – or rather, the anti-RPG – Moon has been re-released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC. The game was originally released on PlayStation in 1997. It was resurrected 22 years later on Nintendo Switch and now on other platforms.


Moon is a game that seeks to deconstruct such stereotypes and reveal what truly happens behind the scenes of your favorite role-playing games. A young man is drawn through his TV and into a video game, a classic JRPG named “Moon World,” one night, beneath the silvery light of the full moon. Following in the footsteps of the game’s brave hero, the boy embarks on his own quest to reclaim the world’s lost moonlight by gathering “Love.”


The youngster releases his souls and gathers his “Love” as the hero of Moon World loots and levels up by slaying monsters for experience points – you know, like heroes do.

You’ll meet a bizarre array of strange and amazing NPCs as you travel about the world. Visit them at different times and days of the week to observe their peculiar behaviors and daily routines, and learn their secrets to uncover even more lost “Love.”

The PlayStation 4 and 5 versions of Moon now have a setting to eliminate the game’s filtered graphics, allowing players to experience the game in its sharp, pixelated original splendor, in addition to the first set of trophies for the game.

The game is currently available on PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. PlayStation Plus subscribers can get a 10 percent discount until December 30. The game was previously released in 2019 on the Nintendo Switch. Meanwhile, the original PlayStation version came out in 1997.

Watch the game trailer down below!