Moon Farming: Prologue is free on Steam

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Moon Farming

Explore the moon as you prepare your base and build farms.

SimulaM has made the prologue of their new game, Moon Farming, accessible for free on Steam. The game’s creators have become bored of the conventional base construction and agricultural games, which are normally set on the planet Earth. The developer team wanted to push the boundaries of Earth’s space frontiers, so they set their new farm management game on the moon.

Moon Farming

Make the moon a habitable place

Begin by preparing a base for your base on the Moon. Jump aboard your Moon Rover with robots to speed up the duties, but be careful not to run out of petrol. Additionally, you will be able to use vertical technology to grow various sorts of crops and trees. Vertical farms, which will enable us to optimize our productivity in this inhospitable terrain, are a terrific way to conserve space.

Moon Farming: Prologue is a preview of the full edition of Moon Farming, which will be available on Steam later this year. The prologue is available for free on Steam.

Watch the game trailer down below!