Morbius arrives with a dark but spectacular trailer

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The movie based on the Marvel character will finally see the light of day after several delays.

After releasing a new trailer for their picture based on the legendary Marvel character, Dr. Morbius, which will come in April after numerous delays owing to the coronavirus, film director Daniel Espinosa and Sony Pictures are overjoyed.

Discover the narrative of Dr. Morbius, an anti-hero with no malicious intentions until he chooses to do some experiments and the situation turns against him. Morbius isn’t your typical superhero film.

A movie full of darkness and great actors.


The protagonist is a person who has an additional blood ailment. As a result, the doctor makes every effort to find a remedy that will allow him and others suffering from the same ailment to recover. Fortunately or unfortunately, he proceeds to experiment on himself and eventually transforms into a vampire-like creature.

Jared Leto, who will play Dr. Morbius in the film, appears in an interview in which he discusses the character’s context within the Marvel comic book universe in the teaser released by Sony Pictures yesterday.

It is unknown if this grim thriller, which will be released on April 1, will connect into the Marvel Cinematic Universe in any manner. We’ll have to wait until the premiere to discover what Sony Pictures has planned for the post-credits sequence.

Watch the new trailer down below.