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More than a Dozen Classic Arcade Hits Coming to Nintendo DS

Konami today announced Konami Classics Series: Arcade Hits for the Nintendo DS. Featuring more than 12 of the most memorable quarter-munching arcade hits of all-time, the game will let players enjoy these timeless classics in both their original and remixed dual screen forms and also enjoy them with friends in special wireless modes. The games include: Circus Charlie, Contra, Gradius, Roc’N Rope, Rush’N Attack, Time Pilot, Track and Field, Yie-Ar Kung Fu.

Taking advantage of the unique functionality of the Nintendo DS, Arcade Hits lets players choose from a number of screen configurations, including horizontal and vertical combinations to maintain the original screen size of each game at it appeared in arcades. Players can also use the system’s wireless capabilities to play with friends and share data such as high scores and replays. Arcade Hits also features special modes that let players listen to more than 100 classic songs and sound effects and review the history of each title in the compilation, complete with trivia and vintage artwork.

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