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Mortal Kombat 30: Next Mortal Kombat game won’t be announced until after 30th Anniversary

Mortal Kombat

This is what the renowned co-creator of the saga has confirmed via Twitter.

Few video games in history have become as well known to video game fans as they are to non-video game fans: Mario, Sonic, and Tekken. But, one very controversial franchise has become known inside and outside the gaming industry: Mortal Kombat.

It’s about time a new game came out. In fact, many fans were waiting for its announcement during the upcoming Game Awards. Surprisingly, Ed Boon, the co-creator of the game, has announced on Twitter that we will not see the new installment of the series with the 30th anniversary of the game.

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A disappointing announcement for Mortal Kombat fans

This week, October 8, marks the 30th anniversary of Mortal Kombat. So far NetherRealm Studios has remained tight-lipped about the release of the title’s next game. Furthermore, they have not confirmed any events or announcements related to the bloody fighting saga. Or so it was until today.

Ed Boon, one of the creators of Mortal Kombat, has ruled out via a tweet today that we will see the rumored Mortal Kombat 12 on October 8. “PSA/FYI We know a lot of you are excited about the next NRS game announcement & it will happen in due time. But first, it is all about 30 years of Mortal Kombat. That’s what we’re going to celebrate and focus on,” he said.

However, it’s unclear how the studio plans to celebrate these three decades since the arcade debut. It is expected a group of collaborations with different games through DLC or perhaps an event in one of the most recent games.

In the meantime, we will have to wait for the possible Mortal Kombat 12. We know that the team gave priority because of the uncertainty with its situation with WB Games after the merger of Warner and Discovery.

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