Mosaic Chronicles is a beautiful story-driven puzzle game coming to Steam

Mosaic Chronicles

Mosaic Chronicles features two separate captivating stories in a puzzle game.

The indie studio Error300 Games announced their new upcoming title, Mosaic Chronicles, a story-driven puzzle game in which players move and rotate stained glass pieces to build mosaics. It’s coming out next week.

Error300 Games is an independent firm headquartered in Dublin, Ireland that was founded in 2020. The team is made up of six avid game fans who try to develop interesting, exciting games that they would like to play themselves.

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Irish puzzle game with two incredible stories

Mosaic Chronicles, based on the writings of Belarusian novelist Olga Gromyko, includes two different stories to go through: “A Bit of Horoscoping” and “The Lucky Knot.” Each storyline in the game may be viewed in the gallery – storybook style – when players complete each of the 50 mosaics in the game.

The game features an incredible aesthetic with gorgeous stained-glass mosaics that you may construct piece by piece while playing through the game’s two engaging storylines. Mosaic Chronicles will be available for $6.99 on PC via Steam on August 25.

Watch the game’s trailer down below!


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