Most Iconic Armored Suits in Games

These are the most iconic and recognized armored suits in games. This article only includes suits from games set in modern times and the future. While there are much-loved armored suits in medieval RPGs like The Witcher 3 and The Elder Scrolls, this list will not include them.

Praetor Suit – DOOM and DOOM Eternal

DOOM 2016 version of the Praetor Suit
DOOM Eternal version of the Praetor Suit

There are arguments between players that think the 2016 version is better than the Eternal version and vice versa. But there is no denying that the Praetor Suit is one seriously powerful armored suit. In DOOM Eternal, the Slayer seems to have modified it to suit his tastes. It has a few more modifications and it looks different. DOOM 2016’s version looks a little cooler in my opinion.

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The Nanosuit – Crysis

The Nanosuit of the Crysis franchise plays a big part in the game’s story. It resembles human musculature but it’s not organic, obviously. Other than providing protection from hazards that would wipe out a platoon of unarmoured soldiers, this suit enhances the wearer’s abilities substantially. It’s a near-perfect suit of armour that has the downside of permanently changing the wearer if he wears it for too long. It provides superhuman strength, speed, agility, and the ability to cloak the wearer and make him invisible.

MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armour – Halo

Master Chief is an already huge superhuman soldier who stands at 6’10 feet. With the MJOLNIR armor equipped, he’s 7 feet tall and weighs 450kg (1000 pounds). Yes, it’s a really heavy armour set. But the Chief is as agile as a cheetah even with the armor equipped. That’s because the suit provides the ability to be fast as well as tough. Unlike conventional soldiers, the Chief can jump higher, withstand heavy fire, and withstand fall damage with the suit equipped. Could you imagine the Halo franchise without it?

HEV Suit – Half-Life

HEV suit – which stands for Hazardous Environments Suit – is an armored suit that allows scientists to traverse toxic and radioactive environments. It also provides stellar protection against blunt force trauma and energy discharges. It has a built-in Geiger counter to monitor radiation, a voiced system, and more. It’s probably the best suit a curious and adventurous scientist could hope for.

Space Marine Power Armour – Warhammer 40k

These suits of Power Armour are specifically made for the Space Marines, who are high-ranking members of the Imperium. The suits are engineered to be connected to the bodies of the Space Marines. A sacred ritual takes place when the armored suit is donned. Chanting and burning incense is practically an essential thing that Tech-priests do when they suit the Space Marines up. With this suit on, it’s practically invisible for an ordinary enemy to hurt a Marine. It’s insanely heavy but allows for great speed too. This is one of the most powerful armored suits in the history of entertainment.

Power Armour – Fallout

The Fallout Power Armours look somewhat similar to the Space Marine’s suits but smaller. It provides the wearer with the ability to withstand heavy fire and not flinch under attack. It’s really heavy and somewhat slows down the wearer. It’s very heavy and removes the ability to swim. Instead, the wearer can traverse underwater with no fear of drowning.

Samus Aran’s Varia Suit – Metroid

You didn’t think we would go through the full list without mentioning Samus Aran’s Varia Suit, did you? The Varia Suit provides protection from projectiles and heat damage. Plus, not only does this suit look badass in Metroid, but it also looks great as cosplay. Now can you please just give us Metroid Prime 4, Nintendo?! We’re asking nicely!

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