Most Innovative Weapons in Games

Genius engineering and thinking went into the creation of these armaments. These are our picks for the most innovative weapons in games. In this list, I will not refrain from including multiple entries from a single franchise because mechanically/engineering-wise impressive weapons aren’t very common in games.

Pulley Crossbow – Elden Ring

This is one of the weapons that encouraged me to write this article. This powerful crossbow was made by a “certain genius who learned the Golden Order Fundamentalism”. It’s clear that the crossbow’s item description is talking about the silent mastermind the Noble Goldmask. The Pulley Crossbow fires three bolts with one press of the trigger. It’s one of the best sidearms in Elden Ring, and it’s a very complex weapon. The game says that someone with superb mathematical and mechanical knowledge could engineer something as complex and advanced as this. Also, it looks quite cool too.

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Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator – Half-Life 2

Zero Point Energy Field Manipulator is commonly known as the Gravity Gun. It’s an immensely powerful weapon that does not fire projectiles from a magazine. Instead, it can manipulate the laws of physics and pick up heavy items with ease. The source of its power is a Xen Crystal, and developing an instrument as powerful as this requires superior knowledge in physics and engineering. It was Eli Vance who created this masterpiece. It’s one of the most powerful weapons in the game, depending on the physical object you use as ammunition.

Tau Cannon – Half-Life

3D model by @rezawicaksono

This weapon is a prototype particle accelerator. It uses depleted Uranium-235 as its ammunition and it’s deadly to anything that’s unfortunate enough to be attacked by it. In physics, a particle accelerator is used to accelerate many particles and collide them together. The famous gold-foil experiment of Ernest Rutherford inspired the creation of particle accelerators. In Half-Life, the ability to use a powerful object like this with your own two hands is very impressive. And we have the scientist of Black Mesa to thank for that.

Hidden Blade – Assassin’s Creed

Most Innovative Weapons in Games

The Hidden Blade is a concealed weapon attached to the gauntlets of Assassins. One cannot spot it when it’s not wielded. With the movement of the Assassin’s hand, the blade can be revealed. It’s very useful in stealth because of how hidden it is. The Assassin needed to lose his ring finger in order to wield this at first, but it was improved under the mentorship of Altair. Leonardo Da Vinci in Assassin’s Creed II came up with more upgrades and improvements to the weapon, making it more comfortable to use.

Phantom Blade – Assassin’s Creed Unity

Most Innovative Weapons in Games

This is an upgrade and a new addition to the mechanism of the Hidden Blade. Instead of only close-range kills, the Phantom Blade allows the Assassin to eliminate enemies that are far away from them. It’s capable of firing a variety of bolts which has different effects. The crossbow mechanism of the blade only reveals when the Assassin wants it to, and it’s as concealed as the Hidden Blade is.

These are just some of our picks for the most innovative weapons in games. What are yours? Let us know on the forums!